Town Clerk’s Office

Services & Functions

The Town Clerk’s Office maintains the official records of the Town and serves as the custodian of the Town Seal.

This position:

  • Assists the Board of Election Supervisors With Town Elections
  • Issues Building, Pod / Dumpster, Block Party and Vendor Permits
  • Maintains the Town Code
  • Provides Support and Assistance to All Administrative Departments of the Town
  • Responds to Public Information Act Requests
  • Serves as the Liaison to the Mayor and Town Council
  • Serves as the Town’s General Point of Contact for the Public
  • Oversees the Town Shuttle Bus operations and maintenance


The Town Clerk is also a notary and may be available to notarize documents for the general public. Please speak with anyone in the Clerk's office, or call 301-927-4262, to check availability. State law allows notaries to charge a fee of $4 per signature.