Code Compliance

Benefits of Following Town Code

The Office of Code Compliance encourages residents and visitors to comply with the Town Code, to ensure that University Park remains a safe and pleasant place to live, visit and enjoy. The wise use of standard codes can improve both the appearance and the longevity of the community. It can improve property owners' return on investment and preserve our reputation as a fine town in which to live.

Please support voluntary compliance. The most common rental and code-related concerns deal with:

  • Exterior Maintenance of Structures
  • Outdoor Storage
  • Overgrown Vegetation
  • Unregistered Vehicles


The office oversees the rental permit application process and provides rental house inspections, as well as Town Code compliance with Chapter 4, "Building and Construction"  and Chapter 13, "Housing". The office works in coordination with Prince George's County and adopts the County Housing and Property Standards.