Patrol Functions

The patrol function of the University Park Police Department is to answer all calls for service and requests for assistance. These services range from dealing with reports of suspicious activity to offering medical help, assisting persons locked out of their vehicles, or giving safety advice.

Principles Upheld

Every University Park officer is trained and certified by the Maryland Police Training Commission and sworn to uphold the following:

  • Maryland Criminal and Traffic Laws
  • Prince George’s County Code
  • U.S. Constitution
  • University Park Town Code, Rules and Regulations

Officer Response

Officers respond to crimes in progress, investigate motor vehicle accidents, conduct preliminary investigations of crimes that have been committed, and complete written reports and documents as required.

The officers patrol a community of over 900 homes and 11 miles of roadway, over 30 acres that include

  • commuter roads
  • one elementary school
  • parkland
  • playgrounds
  • tennis courts
  • two churches

The Town of University Park is diligently patrolled by vehicular patrol, foot patrol and bicycle patrol 24 hours a day. The primary objective is ensuring the general well-being and safety of all members of our community. Each officer is a true member of this community and is approachable, regardless of the need or concern.

The UPPD strives to acquire, maintain, and allocate material and personnel resources that are responsive to community needs and operational requirements.

Patrol Services

House Watch Phone Number: 301-277-0050

Residents intending to be out of Town are encouraged to make use of the Police Department's program of examining the physical security of vacant residences. Speak directly to an officer at least 48 hours before you plan to be away to request this added protection.