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Parking Permit and UP Sticker Request Form

  1. Parking Permit and UP Sticker Request Form

    Fill out the form below to request a blue and white UP sticker or a parking permit.

    There are 2 types of parking permits to request.

    1. A temporary parking permit - for residents that are renters and live on a street with a 2-hour parking restriction. 
    2. visitor parking permit - for residents who live on time restricted streets. Residents are entitled to two permits.
  2. Note, you must be a homeowner to obtain a blue and white UP sticker. 

  3. Renters may obtain a temporary parking permit. If you are renting, please attach a copy of your signed lease here or email it to the Town Clerk at The temporary parking permit will expire on the last day of your lease. 

  4. If the vehicle is owned by another person in your household, please state their name. 

  5. Provide any additional information that would help describe your request. 

  6. Thank you!

    The Town Clerk will respond to your request as soon as possible. For additional questions, email or call 301-927-4262.

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