Tree Reimbursement & Compost Programs

The Public Works department oversees two programs - the Tree Reimbursement Program and the Compost Program. Scroll down the page to learn more about each one.

Tree Reimbursement Program

Shade Trees

The Town may offer reimbursement of up to three hundred dollars ($300) toward the purchase price of any tree listed in the official Town Shade Tree List that is planted on private property, not to exceed a total of nine hundred dollars ($900) in a five (5) year period to any individual household or property, upon such terms and conditions as the Town deems reasonable. Any reimbursements are subject to appropriation and available funding. Approved reimbursement will be made available after successful planting of said tree(s). (Excerpt from Town Code, Section 16-104: Tree Replacement - Revised and effective October 10, 2004).

Understory Trees

The Town may offer reimbursement of up to one hundred dollars ($100.00) towards the purchase price of any tree listed in the official Town Understory Tree List and planted on private property within the Town, not to exceed a total of three hundred dollars ($300.00) per five (5) years to any individual household or property.

Other Resources

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources also offers $25 coupons to Maryland residents who plant trees listed on the state's recommended tree list and purchase them from participating nurseries. Find program details, including the list of participating nurseries and how to print a coupon.

Compost Program

In the Fall of 2011, University Park launched its organics compost pilot with 50 volunteers using resources from the STEP UP Program and an outsourced vendor. The program is now serviced by the Public Works Department and has been expanded to include more than 385 homes.

Food scraps are collected at the curb every Monday. All supplies are provided by the Town. If you are interested in participating in the volunteer program, please forward your contact information via email to

To print a copy of the info graphic below to post on your fridge or bulletin board, click here

Info graphic reviewing the compost program
Compost Info graphic giving information about the program