Ordinances (O), Resolutions (R) and Charter Resolutions (CR)

A municipal ordinance is a rule, law or statute which governs matters not already covered by federal or state law and adopted by Town Council. It generally means that a municipal act is adopted that has the force and effect of a law, the violation of which may be enforced in court. Ordinances in University Park go into effect 20 days after adoption, unless enacted as emergency ordinances. 

A resolution is a formal expression of the opinion or will of Town Council adopted by a vote. Resolutions go into effect immediately upon adoption. As such, it is not law but merely a form in which a legislative body expresses an opinion.

A Town Charter is a legal document that establishes a municipality as a city or town. The charter is issued to a municipality in the nature of a constitution. A Charter Resolution (CR) is any change made to that document.

Excerpt from Town Charter Article III, Section 310

For the purpose of carrying out the powers granted in this Charter, the Mayor and Common Council may pass all necessary ordinances. All the powers of the Town shall be exercised in the manner prescribed in this Charter or, if the Charter is silent, in such manner as may be prescribed by Ordinance.

Adopted Legislation

Legislation Archives

To view our legislation archives, email Town Clerk or call Town Hall at 301-927-4262 ext. 101.