Resident Information

Welcome to the Town of University Park. Here are a few quick tips to get you acquainted with the Town. Feel free to contact Town Hall with any questions.

  1. Residents' Guide
  2. Area Info, News & Events
  3. Building Permits
  4. Civic Association
  5. County Animal Services Division
  6. House Watch Request
  7. Legislators
  8. Parks & Recreation
  9. Public Library
  10. Public Schools
  11. Town Newsletter
  12. Town Shuttle Bus
  13. UP Helping Paws & Lost Pet Database
  14. UP Listserv
  15. UP Woman's Club
  16. Parking Permits & UP Stickers
  17. Waste Collection Services

The Residents' Guide provides information about town services, staff and Council contacts, programs, permits, transportation, schools, public spaces and more.