Historic Sites

Site 1: 4315 Underwood ~ University Park Elementary School

The mural features about 32 drawings submitted by students, each depicting something seen in University Park such as trees, azaleas, a rollerblading student and a Route 1 road sign. The project was spearheaded by art teacher Liza Linder and members of the community helped the students and teachers create and mount the decorative mosaic.

Site 5: 4307 Sheridan ~ Home of Late Dr. Gordon Prange & His Wife Anne R. Prange

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Site 10: 6600 Block Wells Parkway ~ September 11th Memorial

The text on the memorial reads:

University Park Community Memorial

A place for reflection

commemorating all lives lost to

acts of terrorism and war, including

Dana Falkenberg, Zoe Falkenberg

Charles Falkenberg, Leslie Whittington,Sheila M. S Hein

September 11, 2001

Design Tom Ashcraft - Landscape Sandra Youssef Clinton

September 11, 2005

Site 13: 4311 Clagett Road ~ Home of Dr. George H. Callcott & Dr. Margaret Law Callcott

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Site 14: 6924 Pineway ~ Home of the Late Dr. Louis R. Harlan

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Site 17: 6707 44th Avenue ~ Home of the Late James M. Cain

John M. Cain:

  • Born July 1, 1892 Annapolis, Maryland, United States
  • Died October 27, 1977 (aged 85) University Park, Maryland, United States

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