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Posted on: March 12, 2018

3/12/2018 Riverdale Park Station Special Construction Update Notice - The Hiker Biker Trail

Riverdale Park Station hiker biker trail map

Hiker Biker Trail Update

The interim opening of the trail prior to completion of construction proximate to the areas it transverses is an enhancement well received by area residents and other users of the trail. Much of the trail remains on private property. Subsequent to the completion of the trail, it will become a Public Right of Way and be subject to the oversight, safety, security and maintenance the Town of Riverdale Park and the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. To that end, the trail remained the responsibility of the Developer. As many are aware, the Developer of Riverdale Park Station was made aware of a concern about the safety of the temporary Hiker-Biker trail along the old DC/Baltimore trolley line.
In response to the concerns raised and other incidents that had occurred, the Developer determined that better safety and security could be accomplished by modifying the north-south route across the private property to points south of much of the current construction while a better interim alternative was studied. As a result of input from the Developer, Town of Riverdale Park, City of College Park, Residents of Riverdale Park Station and Calvert Hills, modifications are being added that will allow the prior interim route to be reestablished. Bollards that will prohibit vehicular traffic on the trail have been installed along the northern section of trail at the City of College Park Boundary. Light fixtures have been installed in the alley—the east/west section of the interim alignment that runs parallel to Woodberry Street. The last item to be added is some additional directional signage for the interim alignment which should be completed by March 14th at which time the fence that is currently at the southern boundary of the WMATA property will be removed.
We do emphasize that it remains the priority of all to allow the interim trail as much north-south alignment throughout Riverdale Park Station during the construction of development along the permanent alignment of Rhode Island Avenue consistent with the provision of safety. The traffic along the trail has and will continue to include users of all ages and safe use remains our collective priority and we believe this to be the same for trail users—hence the initial concern raised about safety. Construction notices will continue to highlight areas to where residents and users should maintain caution and follow any signage that has been installed. We appreciate the patience of all as we have endeavored to work through the safety issue brought to our attention and the constructive recommendations on how to address the issue.
It remains our priority to complete the permanent trail and with a takeover by Riverdale Park and the Commission by the end of 2018. During the interim, we will continue to work diligently to limit trail usage interruptions while concurrently always emphasizing options that provide safety and security to the users.

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