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Forms, Permits and Licenses


Bulk Trash Pickup

Any trash that is too large to fit in your green trash bin is considered Bulk Trash. All Bulk Trash is collected on Tuesdays and Fridays, same as regular trash collection.

Click here to view a list of unacceptable waste.

Online Bulk Trash Pick-up Request

Unacceptable items may be taken to the county facility at Brown Station Rd Public Convenience Center.

Home Security Reimbursement

The Council Committee on Police, Traffic & Public Safety and the University Park Police Department believe that home security systems are a deterrent to crime. In addition, home security systems may be helpful in solving crimes that have occurred. Therefore, the University Park Town Council has authorized a $100 rebate to any Town resident who purchases and installs a new home security system costing $150 or more after March 1, 2016.

Home Security Reimbursement

Shade Tree Reimbursement

The Town may offer reimbursement of up to $300 toward the purchase price of any tree listed in the official Town shade tree list that is planted on private property, not to exceed a total of $900 in a five-year period to any individual household or property, upon such terms and conditions as the Town deems reasonable. Any reimbursements are subject to appropriation and available funding. Approved reimbursement will be made available after successful planting of said tree(s). (Excerpt from Town Code, Section 16-104: Tree Replacement, revised and effective October 10, 2004.)

Approved Shade Tree

Shade Tree Reimbursement Form

House Watch Request Form

If you will be away from your residence for vacation or a long period of time, you may contact the Police Department and make a house watch request. Click on the forms below to make a request or contact the Police Department at (301) 277-0051 Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

House Watch Request Form

Online House Watch Request Form


Building Permits

A Town building permit is required for almost all construction projects affecting the exterior of a property or
structure. Click here to view a list of projects that require a Town building permit.

Building Permit application

Building Permit application with a Variance

Vendor Permit

A Vendor's permit is required when a person, group or company is looking to go door to door in University Park to sell goods or services or acquire donations. The permit is free.

Vendor Permit application

Field Use Permit

The Town Field is located off of Queens Chapel Road and adjacent to the University Park Elementary School. To learn the status of the field, please call the University Park Field Information Line at (240) 297-8277.

Town Field Permit application

Rental License

It shall be unlawful for any person to rent or lease any non-owner occupied premises, or any premises which is occupied by the owner and rented to more than one other person, including any single-family rental dwelling unit, multiple rental dwelling unit or rooming unit within the Town of University Park, without having first obtained a license (Town Code, Section 13-203).

Rental License application

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