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Town Code and Charter

Town Code

The Town Code is a set of laws that the Town of University Park follows. The code contains the following sections: administration, animal and fowl, building and construction, parks and recreation, peace and order, public health and sanitation, public ways, traffic and vehicles, zoning, cable television, public ethics, housing, collection and recycling of newspapers, town investment policy and tree maintenance.

Click here to view University Park's Town Code.

Town Charter

The Town Charter is a legal document establishing a municipality and describing its boundaries. The charter also covers the form of government, elected and administrative officials and municipal elections. It outlines the handling of public services and deals with financial matters, such as the power to tax and to incur debt and bond.

Click here to view University Park's Town Charter.

Hard copies of the Code or the Charter can be obtained at Town Hall by request.


Town of University Park
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