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 Fiscal Year 2018 Adopted BudgetBudgetsTracey Toscano1-Jun-2017 
 FY 2018 Mayor's Proposed Budget BudgetsAndrea Marcavitch4-Apr-2017 
 FY 2017 Adopted BudgetBudgetsTracey Toscano20-May-2016 
 FY2017 Budget Line Item DescriptorsBudgetsAndrea Marcavitch9-May-2016 
 FY 2017 Mayor's Proposed BudgetBudgetsAndrea Marcavitch13-Apr-2016 
 FY 2016 Adopted BudgetBudgetsAndrea Marcavitch29-May-2015 
 FY 2016 Mayors Proposed Budget v2BudgetsTracey Toscano19-May-2015 
 Mayor's Proposed FY 2016 Budget and Co...BudgetsTracey Toscano1-Apr-2015 
 Adopted FY 2015 BudgetBudgetsTracey Toscano22-May-2014 
 Mayor's Proposed FY 2015 Budget 2014-O...BudgetsTracey Toscano1-Apr-2014 
 Adopted FY 2014 Budget with Signed Ord...BudgetsTracey Toscano16-Jul-2013 
 Mayor's Proposed FY 2014 BudgetBudgetsTracey Toscano12-Apr-2013 
 FY 2013 Budget Ordinance 12-O-04 adopt...BudgetsTracey Toscano22-May-2012 
 Council Amended, Proposed Budget FY2013BudgetsTracey Toscano3-Apr-2012 
 Final Adopted FY2012 Town Budget-2011/...BudgetsTracey Toscano17-May-2011 
 Town of University Park Proposed Budge...BudgetsTracey Toscano12-Apr-2011 
 Mayor's Proposed Budget 2012-2011/04/06BudgetsTracey Toscano6-Apr-2011 
 Final Approved FY11 Budget-2010/07/21BudgetsTracey Toscano21-Jul-2010 
 Mayor's Proposed Budget FY2011BudgetsLen Carey2-Apr-2010 
 UP FY 2010 Approved BudgetBudgetsTracey Toscano22-May-2009 
 ProposedFY2010Budget with tabs note 20...BudgetsTracey Toscano13-Apr-2009 
 Proposed FY2010 Budget-2009/03/16BudgetsTracey Toscano17-Mar-2009 
 FY2010 Budget Cover Letter from Mayor ...BudgetsTracey Toscano17-Mar-2009 
 Pension Cost Benefit AnalysisBudgetsMichael Beall24-Feb-2009 
 FY 09 BudgetBudgetsTracey Toscano16-Oct-2008 
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