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The Town of University Park University Park is a small, tree-lined community of 915 single family homes and 2300 residents in northern Prince George's County, adjacent to the University of Maryland. Having its own municipal government, University Park provides a traditional "small town" atmosphere with urban convenience and amenities. The Town maintains its own park and recreational facilities, is home to an excellent elementary school, and provides its own police and sanitation services. Through local organizations, residents participate in many town-wide events, which build a strong sense of community, such as the Annual Azalea Classic - which consists of a 5k Run/Walk, 1 mile Challenge Run, and the Val Creighton Memorial 1k Family Fun Run. Tree-lined, quiet streets, a large wooded park, and well tended lawns reflect the residents' pride in their community.

The town is located adjacent to the southern edge of the University of Maryland, is about three miles south of the Capital Beltway, two miles from Washington, D.C., and less than a mile from two Metro stations. It provides easy access for commuters, and an ideal location for the local worker.

Listed for the second time by Washingtonian Magazine as one of "The Best Places To Live in Prince George's County," the Town has traditionally attracted many professionals working for the University of Maryland, the public sector, and private business.

The Town of University Park has built a community memorial to serve as a gathering place for reflection and remembrance. For information about this memorial commemorating the lives of loved ones killed in acts of terrorism and war, and to learn how you can contribute to the cause, please visit the UPMD 9/11 Memorial Site .

Snow Event Update!
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Category: Town News
Published By: Tracey Toscano
Publish Date: 8-Feb-2016

A “snow event” is expected to begin as rain this evening and then transition to snow overnight. The Town Police and Public Works personnel will be ready to plow and salt as needed.

The following changes have been made to the regular trash and compost pick-up schedules:

• Trash and compost pick-up will be postponed until Wednesday. Please wait until Wednesday to put your green trash toters and white compost buckets to the curb.

Town Shuttle Bus schedule and policy:

• The Town bus will operate as scheduled on Tuesday, February 9.
As a reminder, our policy is: If the federal Office of Personnel Management announces that the federal government is open, the University Park Town Shuttle Bus will operate on its established route and schedule and within its regular hours so long as we deem the conditions safe for it to do so. The established hours and schedule for the shuttle bus are published on the Town's Web site.

Later this week a second hazard in form of an extreme cold event Saturday night into Sunday morning. NWS is forecasting that air temperatures for the immediate DC area will be near 0 degrees overnight during this period, with wind gusts of up to 20pmh driving the wind chill to -20 degrees.

What residents can do:

1. Clear your walkways. Owners or tenants of residential properties with paved sidewalks adjacent to their properties are responsible for ensuring that the sidewalks are treated and cleared of snow and ice within 48 hours after snow has fallen or ice has accumulated to a depth of 2 or more inches. It is neighborly--as well as easier--to clear these walkways sooner than that.

2. Help your neighbors cope as well. Please take a moment to look after the well-being of your neighbors, especially seniors or others who might appreciate some help. Cold and snow are also fine times to get together for a neighborly cup of tea, coffee, or soup. If you have driveway space to spare, share it with a neighbor, getting their car off the street as well.

3. Please don’t plan to drive on Tuesday morning. Staying off the streets keeps us all safe, and makes it much easier for Town plows to operate.

4. Get your car off the street- To make it easier for plows to clear Town streets and for us all to safely get around, please park your car entirely off the street--in your driveway, or (with permission) in your neighbor's drive. If you must park on the street, please see the list below to follow the Snow Event Parking plan re: which side of the street to park on:

Both Sides No Parking:
The Mews

Creekside No Parking:
Wells Pkwy

Odd Side No Parking:
40th Ave
41st Ave
Beechwood Rd--3900 thru 4300 blocks
Calverton Dr
Oakridge Rd
Sheridan St
Tuckerman St
Tennyson Rd
Underwood St--3900 thru 4300 blocks

Even Side No Parking:
42nd Ave
43rd Ave
44th Ave
Beechwood Rd--4400 block
Chansory Ln
Clagett Rd
College Heights Dr
Forest Hill Dr
Holly Hill Rd
Queens Chapel Rd
Underwood St--4400 block
Van Buren St
Woodberry St

Cafritz Construction Schedule for the weeks of February 1, 2016 and February 15, 2016
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Category: Town News
Published By: Tracey Toscano
Publish Date: 29-Jan-2016

Riverdale Park Station

Weeks of: February 1, 2016 thru the week of February 15, 2016

What to Expect On-Site the Next Two Weeks:
During the next two weeks the General Contractor, L.F. Jennings, will continue site construction around the Whole Foods Market and along Route 1. Underground utility work to install storm drains, water mains, conduits, site lighting and sanitary sewers is proceeding in multiple areas on the site as weather permits. Washington Gas Light (WGL) and PEPCO continue to bring service to each new building.

Grading for the pervious pavement drainage system, under the Whole Foods parking lot, will continue as weather permits. Installation of the new traffic signal at Van Buren St. and Route 1 is being completed. Construction of the three new entrances from Route 1 into the development has been completed, except for final asphalt course and striping which will be completed this Spring. Curb & gutter and base asphalt paving of the roads around the Whole Food Market is being severely impacted by winter weather.

Construction of screen walls, seat walls, sign walls and other site hardscape structures in Gateway Park (buffer area adjacent to Route 1) and around the Whole Foods Market parking lot is ongoing as weather permits.

The construction of a large permanent storm water management pond in the NE corner of the site has started, but progress is handicapped by winter weather. WGL has completed the relocation of a gas line running along Rhode Island Avenue to the west of the railroad tracks and is now reconnecting the lateral lines into the new installation. The work will impact traffic from Wells Run to the Pittcon facility. WGL is scheduled to complete these gas connections on 2/3/16. The installation of a new storm drain outfall pipe under Rhode Island Avenue from Wells Run to the site has been impacted by the winter weather delays and by WGL.

CSX Crossing:
Work will soon begin on the much awaited new CSX crossing at Riverdale Park Station. The bridge construction work is significant and required the closing of the former ERCO plant parking lot between the Rivertech Court cul-de-sac and Lafayette Avenue. This route has been used for years as a “short cut” from Lafayette Avenue to M-Square. This closure will continue until the new bridge is open – estimated to be in April 2017.

The initial construction activities include the relocation of existing electrical, communication and gas utilities that run parallel to the CSX tracks. This relocation has started with the demolition of pavement where new utilities will be installed. Utility relocations are necessary for the construction of the new bridge over the CSX railroad tracks.

Lane Closures:
Periodic lane closures along Route 1 may be required but long term closures are not scheduled.

Future Plans:
• Two week to two month look-ahead –
o Continue all of the above work but start additional buildings to provide new retail to the area.
o Opening of Gateway Park.

• Two to six month look-ahead –
o Start additional retail buildings.
o Perform Spring landscaping for areas completed during winter months.
o Start interior fit-out of Whole Foods.

Work Hours:
Work activity will be taking place Monday – Sunday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. However, work on the State highway will be restricted to 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Contact Information:
For any construction related concerns, please contact Robert Lockhart of Capital Construction Consultants at 202-669-7157 or email at

Town Shuttle Bus service will NOT operate on Tuesday, January 26
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Category: Town News
Published By: Tracey Toscano
Publish Date: 25-Jan-2016

The University Park Town Shuttle Bus service to and from Prince George’s Plaza Metro Station will NOT operate on Tuesday, January 26, 2016.

Town Hall will open as scheduled at 9 a.m. more

Letter submitted to Prince George's Planning Board concerning Cafritz Secondary Amendment
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Category: Cafritz Blog
Published By: Tracey Toscano
Last Updated By: Tracey Toscano
Last Updated: 6-Nov-2014
Publish Date: 6-Nov-2014

Attached is the letter the Town submitted to the Prince George's County Planning Board at the hearing on November 6, 2014 concerning the application of Calvert Tract, LLC, for Secondary Amendment SA-130001-01 and DSP-13009-03, for the Cafritz Property at Riverdale Park.

Presentation of the Cafritz Property at Riverdale Park Station
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Category: Cafritz Blog
Published By: Tracey Toscano
Last Updated By: Tracey Toscano
Last Updated: 22-Oct-2014
Publish Date: 22-Oct-2014

The Cafritz team showed this presentation at the Town Council meeting on October 20, 2014.

The attached presentation includes information on the following topics: storm water, Gateway Park, and the construction schedule.

Presentation attached.

Cafritz Oversight & Monitoring Committee will meet on Wednesday, Feb 26 at 7:30pm at Town Hall
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Category: Cafritz Blog
Published By: Tracey Toscano
Publish Date: 20-Feb-2014

The Cafritz Oversight and Monitoring Committee will meet on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 7:30pm at Town Hall to discuss the following items:

I. Committee will review incoming materials to assess compliance with all conditions including:

A. The State Highway Administration approval of a design for the Van Buren/Route intersection.
B. The funding for the CSX crossing.

The committee will report its findings to the Town Council.

II. Planning for future agendas.

This meeting is open; the public is welcome to attend.

Agenda attached.

Marvin R Blumberg Company Presentation; Revised Landy Property Phase I Design Plan
General Information: Attached is the presentation by the Marvin R. Blumberg Company, on their revised plan for the Landy Property Development Project, Phase I Design.
Attachment:  11-749-1354814024.pdf

Mosaic at Turtle Creek
Comments Deadline: 30-Oct-2008
General Information: This project involves building 300 condos(multi-family dwelling units) behind the U of MD business school off Mowatt Lane in College Pk and into the undeveloped land behind Coll. Hgts Estates.
The Planning Board will be taking this up for discussion on Thursday October 30, 2008 in the 1st Floor Council Hearing Room in the County Admin Bldg, 14741 Gov. Oden Bowe Drive. If you have any questions, please contact the development review board at 301.952.3530. The application number is Mosaic @Turtle Creek DSP-0800/DPLS-336/DDS-587

Route 1 Corridor Sector Plan
General Information: The following was written by UP resident Michelle Hermanson and posted on the website

If, like me, you were curious as to the rationale for the sector plan update, here’s the short version. The City of College Park requested that M-NCPPC revisit the sector plan to better address development concerns such as architectural guidelines, building height and other issues. To quote the project site:

Unanticipated development pressure in the area and an inadequate transportation system has resulted in conditions at odds with the recommendations and design standards of the current plan.

Updated Boundaries
On September 17 at a community meeting in College Park, M-NCPPC planner and project manager Chad Williams announced revised boundaries for the update to the US 1 Corridor Sector Plan. The new boundaries will stop at Guilford Road, the southern edge of College Park, and will not include the Cafritz property, portions of University Park or Riverdale Park. In response to opposition from the University Park Town Council and other county officials, this area was dropped from the plan. The northern boundaries of the proposal remain unchanged and have expanded beyond the 2002 sector plan.

Understanding the Process
You maybe be wondering: what’s the process and how does the community fit in? The US 1 Corridor Sector Plan will follow an 18-month planning cycle. The College Park community meeting was part of the pre-planning phase, presumably to hear initial public comment.

So what’s next? This week, there’s the Planning Board initiation to formally begin the project. In two months, December 5-10 (location TBD), there will be a series of open design meetings (called a charrette) where community members can make specific recommendations. This is our best opportunity to express specific ideas and concerns about development along US 1.

Next summer, there will be public hearings on the first draft of the plan and the following spring (2010) the proposal will go before the county council for approval. The project web site has more information on the process and schedule.

And The Next Meeting is…
On Thursday, October 2 in Upper Marlboro, the Planning Board will initiate the US 1 Corridor Sector Plan. What is this, you ask, and is it important for the community to attend? This is a regular meeting of the Planning Board and the Sector Plan will be one of many issues discussed. Can the public comment on the proposal to the full planning board? Yes. If you would like to speak, please contact the Planning Board at 301-952-3560 to ensure adequate time is added to the agenda.

This excerpt from the RFP for this project summarizes the public outreach plan; hopefully a more complete plan will be available after the project’s formal initiation. The full RFP appears here, skip to page 10 for the meat of the request.–Michelle H.

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